About Us

Our Values 

Responsibility: The Foundation is committed to its donors as well as the community it serves.

Service:  The Foundation is committed to providing a professional and valuable service to the community by providing vehicles to meet a donor’s personal philanthropic goals.

Trust:  The Foundation is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards to earn and maintain the community’s trust.

Leadership: The Foundation is a leader that positively influences the community.  The Foundation will bring together community partners to address needs and issues through a collaborative process.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build community philanthropic resources to improve the quality of life for all residents of Macon County. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the philanthropic goals of donors with the needs of Macon County, and through leadership and community engagement identify and address those needs.


By the Numbers

The Community Foundation serving Macon County is one of 1,400 community foundations across the country and around the world dedicated to improving the quality of life in a particular region. Anyone may make a gift to a community foundation and see their donation have meaningful impact on a community’s quality of life today and in the future. For more information about community foundations around the United States, please visit The Council on Foundations website.

Founded:   2000

Assets Under Management: $36 million

Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations
Certified under the National Standards for Community Foundations


Number of Funds: 312

Agency Endowments: $3.3 million
Donor Advised Funds: $10 million

Field of Interest Funds: $7 million
Unrestricted Funds: $138,000
Designated Funds: $5 million

Scholarship Funds:  $5.2 million

We are a resource to donors and their professional advisors in the community. We act as a flexible vehicle for philanthropy, working with a variety of gifts (including cash, securities, real estate, and others) and offering the maximum tax advantages for those gifts. Donors may use their gifts to contribute to The Foundation’s unrestricted funds, knowing their money will be available in perpetuity to meet the most pressing community needs, or may choose instead to set up donor advised funds.  Additionally, we are a center of expertise on both philanthropy and nonprofit groups working to improve the quality of life in Macon County. We act as a staff for donors and their families, helping to educate them, strategize with them, and facilitate family giving for maximum results