The 2018 Scholarship Application Season Closed March 31.

Good luck to all of our scholars and thanks to our generous donors who support them! 


Scholarship Descriptions  – Read about all scholarships offered by The Community Foundation of Macon County


If you want to set up a scholarship fund, these are items to consider:

There are many criteria that can be considered when designing a scholarship award. In order to make sure the scholarship can be administered efficiently and continue to be useful over time, we encourage you to choose only those very few that are essential. The Community Foundation will work with you to determine the best way to implement your scholarship in accordance with your interests, and reserves the right to change the criteria, always guided by your original purpose, if they become irrelevant or difficult to administer.

 Sample Scholarship Agreement

Possible Eligibility or Selection Criteria

Possible Types of Information to be Requested as Part of Application

Possible Basis for the Award

Frequency of Renew-ability of the Award

Possible Ways of Determining Size of the Award

Possible Allowable Uses of Award By Student