Many schools have a policy for making changes to transportation arrangements for students in their parent/student handbook. This is done mainly to keep students from being confused at the end of the day. Please take into consideration that the busiest times of the school day are the beginning and end. There are tons of phone calls coming in regarding attendance, after school activities and changes to transportation.


Here are some tips to making changes to the plans that your child knew to follow when they left home:

  • Call in a timely manner if possible. The last 30 minutes of the school day is a difficult time to get the message relayed to your child.
  • If you have other ways to contact your child’s teacher, try communicating that way. (ClassDojo, Email, Text, School Phone). Just be aware that teachers can’t always check those ways of communication in a timely manner.
  • If you can talk to your child’s teacher on the phone, see if he or she can relay the message to the child while you are on the phone.
  • If you know about the change in plans first things in the morning, send a note with your child using your child’s teacher’s system (planner, note in folder, note in envelope, etc).
  • Understand that some schools will not allow random adults to pick up your child. Make sure that the emergency contacts that you list on registration papers are people that you trust in case they need to pick up your child.
  • If your address changes, notify the office as soon as possible so that bus routes can be changes if necessary.
  • Be sure to know your child’s bus number and the times that it picks up and drops off.
  • Know the procedures for picking up your child from school.


Most importantly, talk with your child about plans and what to do if plans change. Changes can cause them to panic and make irrational decisions.