Read WITH your child:

Of course your child loves to hear you read! They may not know how to read all of the words just yet but this is the perfect opportunity to build their reading confidence. Have them help you turn the pages. Ask them to describe the pictures on each page. See if they can recognize any letters, numbers, colors, shapes or sight words on the pages. Ask them questions before, during and after the story. Make story time interactive for your child.


Make Reading Active:

  • Use things around home to create masks and props to act out stories.
  • Put on your own puppet show for your family.
  • As you read to your child, have him or her pretend to be characters in a story.


Include Technology:

Technology is here to stay. Use those fancy smart phones to record your child acting out parts of a story. There are also many apps and websites where you can download, listen to and read stories for free.



The key to growing into a reader is practice! There are many basic reading skills that lead to reading in Kindergarten. Practice letter recognition and sounds, and sight words. Print concepts are extremely important as well. They include concepts like identification of the front of a book, where we start reading on a page, letter versus word, and word versus sentences. These are things you can practice whenever you have story time!