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Happenings -

Holiday Greetings!

FEED 5 FOR 25 with the Judy Mason Thanksgiving Basket event. Help us provide Thanksgiving to local families in need. Donate $25 for every family of 5 you wish to help, or volunteer as we assemble Thanksgiving Baskets to be given out prior to the holiday. Click here to learn more.

Donors: This web site application brings you an exciting new way to access your fund information online, recommend grants, and share your philanthropic activity with your family and friends. Click read more to be taken to a page with the link! Donor First!

Our Purpose:
The purpose of The Community Foundation is to develop a permanent charitable trust fund for Decatur and Macon County. Donations are invested and earnings are distributed annually to local groups. Donors can establish their own charitable funds at The Foundation and recommend grants to nonprofit groups they want to support. Donors can create an individual or family legacy by establishing a named fund or choose to be anonymous in their giving.